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If you happen to be in need to sell your home asap, you should know that your most viable option is to sell your property to a cash buyer. Although it might not be the traditional method of selling a property and that it comes to notable disadvantages, still many people are opting to take this route and the question is why? In this post, we'll help you figure out if this really is the right option for you and we'll do that by discussing the advantages. You can also visit to know more. 


1 - You get to receive cash right away.


It's quite obvious that the biggest advantage of selling your house to an investor is the fact that you'd be receiving cash immediately and without any hassle. You probably already know that if you're going the common direction of dealing with individual buyers who need banks and finance institutions for them to purchase a house, the entirety of the process is just way too long and tedious. Likewise, a conventional real estate transaction will also rely upon the approval of a loan and having to sign so many paperwork and documents. In fact, we even haven't talked about the wearisome process of negotiating with the agents of your potential buyers, which in turn could turn the tide against you considering you're dealing with experts in the real estate industry. Thanks to the availability of a cash buyer, you now have another option in which you don't have to go through the usual processes.


2 - No more appraisal contingency.


Another clear advantage of selling your home without a realtor is that you no longer need to have an appraisal contingency. This is one thing that many home sellers aren't aware of. Owing to the fact that direct cash home buyers are not required to go through this tedious process, it means that the time to sell your home will be reduced substantially. Also, this will come back to you as a great advantage since you are going to avoid dealing with buyers who have to apply for a loan first before offering you to buy your property.


3 - Closing is faster than usual.


It cannot be denied that selling your home through the usual avenues like hiring a real estate agent and welcoming all sorts of buyers will give you the chance to reach a deal for a price you've been coveting. But one thing you need to understand is that closing will be a lot longer to realize since your buyer will typically apply for a loan first and there's no guarantee he or she is getting one. 


So if your main objective is to close the sale fast because you need the money, the traditional route is never your best bet. But with a cash buyer, you just have to wait a week or so to complete the sale. Get in touch with the Perry Hall Investment Group and get started. 


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